"My mother took me to see “The Sleeping Beauty” at age five, and ballet has been a huge part of my life ever since. I have had the good fortune of many wonderful teachers, including Sandra Severo in high school, Kenneth Melville, Anton Dolin, and John Kriza in college, and Nadine Revene, Finis Jhung, and Pamela Pribisco in New York City. They all had superb pianists to accompany our classes! Each of these teachers instilled within me a love of the art of ballet, it's history, the joy of physicality in movement, and a desire to pass it on.
I have taught students of all ages and levels in Canada and the United States. I discovered a real love of teaching ballet at the college level during many years as a professor at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Upon retirement, I wanted to find a way to continue sharing my love of ballet, and began teaching ballet for adults ranging in age from late teens to 70-plus. Most of them studied ballet earlier in life, and are returning to something they loved, which makes for a very rewarding teaching environment!
Discovering Nolwenn Collet's ballet class CDs greatly enriched my teaching, and when she suggested that we collaborate on a CD for adult students I was honored indeed. I hope this CD brings life, creativity and inspiration to your classroom!"

Ballet Dancer Elisa Lons Les Grands music for ballet class Nolwenn Collet

Our muse ballet dancer Elisa LONS photographed by Johannes Hjorth

Elisa’s training brought her from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris to the achievement of several awards, as the Youth America Grand Prix: selected for the 2nd round of the Finals in New York, at the semi-finals in Paris in April 2012, in achieving the 3rd place in Classical ballet 7 months later, category senior 2nd place in Contemporary ballet, Outstanding Choreographer Award Re-selected for the Final in New York. She was then offered to attend Paris Opera ballet school summer program and Munich ballet Academy with scholarship.
The Year after she was offered a full year scholarship at the Royal Swedish Ballet School of Stockholm, at the Houston Ballet Academy in Texas, and at the Royal Ballet School of London where she attended the Final year at Upper School participating to 2013 Romeo and Juliet with The Royal Opera House.

She has been dancing with the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm since 2017. 


Nolwenn Piano Music For Ballet Class

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LES GRANDS is an album specifically composed for an adult ballet class.

Created in collaboration with American ballet teacher Joyce Campbell, it aims to support, guide and inspire adults taking ballet class.

Joyce has a lot experience teaching adult ballet classes and thinks that adult students are particularly responsive to music as an integral part of each exercise: not just a way to keep time, music allows technique and expression to meld and merge.

There is space to practise safely, time to breathe, time and space for expression, reflection and joy! For the exercises at the barre, a special attention has been given to the choice of the tempo, of the style and of the dynamics. In the centre, the exercises are developed to create a sense of confidence, musicality and artistry.

The whole album has at heart to share the love of ballet and music with adults taking class but would also suit other levels very well. This project has been a rich and inspiring collaboration between Joyce and Nolwenn, a project where music creativity could flourish fully.

LES GRANDS est un album destiné aux cours de danse classique pour adultes.

Créé en collaboration avec le professeur de danse américain Joyce Campbell, cet album a pour ambition de soutenir, de guider et d’inspirer l’adulte pendant son cours de danse classique.

Forte de son expérience d’enseignante avec les adultes, Joyce pense que ces derniers sont particulièrement sensibles à la musique et qu’ils l’appréhendent comme faisant partie à part entière de chaque exercice: bien plus qu’une manière de rester ensemble sur le tempo, la musique permet à la technique et à l’expression artistique de ne faire qu’un.

Cet album donne le temps à l’élève adulte de pratiquer la danse classique en toute confiance, le temps de respirer, d’exprimer ses émotions, entre introspection et joie!

Pour les exercices de la barre, une attention toute particulière a été donnée au choix du style, des dynamiques, du tempo. Au milieu, les exercices se focalisent sur le développement de la confiance en soi, de l’expression artistique et de la musicalité.

Cet album est particulièrement composé afin de communiquer l’amour de la danse et de la musique avec l’adulte danseur mais il conviendra également très bien à d’autres niveaux. Cette collaboration entre Joyce et Nolwenn a été riche et pleine d’inspiration.

Elle a produit un album où la créativité musicale autour du cours de danse classique a pu s’épanouir pleinement.

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