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Nolwenn Collet Music for ballet


Hello! My name is Nolwenn Collet.  

I am a French musician and I improvise and compose music for dance:   
I have been writing music for ballet class from the very moment I started playing for dancers.   
When I compose, It is as if I was telling a story...  
So let's start with a few lines about me!

Piano music for ballet class


PROVENCE!... This is where I was born, in a family of musicians. 
From the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic and PACIFIC OCEAN in New Caledonia, NATURE and especially THE SEA have always inspired me as I have spent most of my life living on Islands! the city where my parents met. 
This is also where I trained as a musician and first worked for pure accident! 
After I graduated in piano accompaniment, I was appointed as permanent accompanist for instruments and singers in the Conservatoire Erik Satie, the Conservatoire of the 7th arrondissement in Paris [Conservatoires in France have been teaching Music, Dance and Drama under the same roof ever since Paris Opéra was created by Louis XIV]. So, one day, I was asked to accompany my first ballet class since the regular pianist was away and so the journey began! 

A PIANO FOR BALLET CLASS... a big part of my life!

I have been playing the piano since I was three.

I studied and graduated in solo piano performance, piano accompaniment, harmony, counterpoint, chamber music, and music analysis from Luxembourg Conservatoire, Rueil Malmaison Conservatoire and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, which helped me develop as a performer, an improviser and a composer:  

I especially love to write music for ballet dancers and ballet class.